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About Patriot Bermudagrass

Patriot bermudagrass was developed and released by the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station (OAES), Oklahoma State University. It was tested as 'OKC 18-4'. Patriot is a clonally propagated F1 hybrid from a cross of 'Tifton 10' (2n=6x=54 chromosomes) x 'C. transvaalensis 5200 3-13' (2n=2x=18 chromosomes). Patriot has 2n=4x=35 chromosomes, presumably inheriting 27 chromosomes from Tifton 10 and 9 chromosomes from the C. Transvaalensis parent. Though it has 36 chromosomes, it sets very few seed. Patriot has been evaluated in several OAES experiments and in the 1997 National Turf Evaluation Program (NTEP) bermudagrass test. Additionally, Drs. Michael Goatley and Erik Ervin at Virginia Tech have performed extensive testing and evaluation of Patriot, and testing continues at the VaTech turfgrass facility.

Sod installationPatriot bermudagrass from Oakwood Sod Farm is available as Maryland certified sod, either palletized or in big rolls, to suit your requirements. Deliveries near our farm are made with flatbed truck, but for shipments over 400 miles we ship in temperature controlled trailers to ensure freshness and quality upon arrival. Our staff is experienced in long distance logistics and will work with you to ensure that no detail is overlooked.

For some applications, sprigs are more suited that sod. For large areas, such as fairways or large sports complexes, sodding may be cost prohibitive, but sprigging can fit your budget with very little lost time for grow-in. Patriot has an extremely rapid rate of establishment, and, if done properly, you can go from planting to playing in far less than 90 days! To insure quality work, Oakwood limits its sprig installation contractors to companies with an established track record and the expertise to assure customer satisfaction.

Patriot combines transition zone adaptation and turf quality features that should make it particularly useful. It is more freeze tolerant than Tifway and only slightly less so than Midlawn. It has consistently produced high quality turf by virtue of its relatively fine texture, good sod density and dark green color. Patriot has leaf and stem textures slightly more coarse than Tifway, but more refined than Midlawn. Its sod density is better than that of Midlawn. It is very aggressive in spread via rhizomes and stolons. Accordingly, it can be established easily by sprigging, and recovers rapidly from physical injury such as divoting. Its turf quality equals or exceeds that of Tifway during the early and middle parts of the growing season, and is at its most aggressive in September.

No serious pest problems have been encountered with Patriot. The severity of spring dead spot disease caused by Ophiosphaerella herpotricha on Patriot has been intermediate to Midlawn (very resistant) and TifwayUniversity of Maryland, Tifton 10, and Tifgreen (susceptible). Observations of evaluation plantings have not indicated problems associated with leaf spotting disease or other diseases.

Patriot is highly suited for areas requiring high quality turf, including fairways, tee boxes, playgrounds and athletic fields. Patriot performs best when maintained at 0.38 to 1.5 inches. Mowing frequency is dictated by mowing height.